Dec 16,

17 December 2016

Dec 16,

Fun thing I did for myself today that I got from the Guardian – all is not bad news after all! “Cities at night” – a cool theme if anything. Now, how can I tweet all that in 120 words or less. I’ll know tomorrow I guess.


Night is when the entire city seems like joining in a massive collective slumber to repair from the day stress.

Cars don’t roam at night. They glide through the streets like silent vessels leaving port for some mysterious, faraway destination.

Night is the time when the trees up the mountain are waking up and pump mightily the cool fresh air coming up from the lake.

Every night little orange trolls take over the streets and meticulously sweep, clean and prep the town for the next day. They will be there again next night. They know it, you know it.

Seagulls are gone and the auditorium sleeps away to the next festival and the next

Families of ducks quietly bob up and down the waves, foraging for food and plankton only they can see.

Night is the time sculptures by the shorefront start to stretch and play strange games with the stars.


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