Dec 31

1 January 2017

Dec 31,

Time to wrap up – this project is getting to its end!

What I learned from this project – well, I did carry it through from Jan 1st to December 31st – quite a feast, but that I knew I could do after the 364-1 and 12-30 project. More important, I learned that writing is not really my thing!

Many days I just wanted to create images but couldn’t because my [private] time had already been spent on writing. Will I miss the routine? Somewhere I know I will – there is a liberating element in writing simple things with no other goals than keeping track of what I did or did not do for that day.

I got something very unexpected and quite exceptional out of it, though.  I discovered that what I was doing interested other too. And for that, I have to thank you all. Your presence helped me enormously when I was running on empty or did not feel like doing or saying anything. It made me look at the effort with the special attention you develop when you know you’re not only doing it just for yourself, but people may be counting on you too.

If somewhere, I guided you to give yourself two minutes of your time to reflect on your own 3 little feel-good things – all the better! I’m no one special, but I have a feeling now that there is a little bit of me in you as there is now a little bit of you in me. I thank you for that trust.

Next year I am moving back into the image format – looking forward to it actually! 52 grains of sand is the name of the project – 52 weeks, 1 crystal a week,7 variation of each crystal each week. All originating from a wonderful Japanese program called VESTA. You’re welcome to follow me there at https://jconstantblog.wordpress.com/

In the meantime, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a productive 2017.

Good-by and thank you again for having been with me part of the road,

Jean Constant


Dec 30

31 December 2016

Dec 30,

Nothing like completing an end of the year checklist ahead of time!

The only problem – the more you do – the more there is to do. The trick is to know when to stop. I guess this is the usefulness of making lists and check boxes! Anyway, done for this year – I can start focusing on next year. I think I even found a thread to carry over my one thing a day challenge in 2017. 2 major [little] things in one day – so far so good!


Dec 29,

30 December 2016

Dec 29

No little things today – I’m progressing through my – to do – list, but the more I do the more there is to do! My main stress actually is with this daily routine. How can I find a thread to help me carry it to the next year.  4 years of practice doing day by day projects, I’m running out of inspiration and yet I don’t want to let go – this thing is addictive – and yes it’s a feel good thing too. I still haven’t found something that really clicks and makes me wake up on Jan.1st – onward with a new chapter. Less words and more images this time? But what?  I’m trying new software, I’m trying new themes, a few leads here and there, but nothing yet to look forward to and carry on for 52 weeks – 365 days. 2 days left to figure it out. Tick tock, tic toc!


Dec 28

29 December 2016

Dec 28,

Some days the waves on the lake are so smooth and so present, it’s like they are giving you a brain massage.

Today was one of those days! As I was walking to work all preoccupied and already stressed with my end-of-the-year checklist, I slowed down to enjoy it and told myself I really was lucky that no matter how cold and inhospitable it can be that early – nature always finds ways to provide you with a little uplifting boost – that is, if you know where to look.


Dec, 27

28 December 2016

The last few days feel like the end-run of a marathon – that close – but running out of breath!

I have to drag me to that blog & write on things I did or did not do for myself. 4 days to go, too many (other) things to do, not enough time in the day as the year come to a close.

Well – today I got to the keyboard in time before the midnight deadline – so that’s one little thing. And yes, it feels good somewhere – the accomplishment of carrying this thing all the way to the end?

Maybe tomorrow will be brighter!


Dec 26

27 December 2016

Dec 26,

A silence so thick it almost hurt my ears – that is, until I realized – who would be crazy enough to go to work that early when everyone is asleep recovering from the festivities.

That’s the way it is around here – a day off after the Holidays to recover from the Holidays. And they mean it – not a single car in the street, not a single jogger on the trail, not even a duck on the lake! I had the whole town to myself with this unique vibration you get from concrete, pavement, construction – all completely deserted except for the bits and fragments of human presence still lingering in the air.

How appropriate I thought, as I have to review a paper on noise control. The perfect solution? Let it be the day after Christmas every day! Then again, what was fun for a day may become tedious over time, wouldn’t it? Anyway, I enjoyed the walk and wonder already what next week’s silence is going to be like – January 2nd!


Dec 25

26 December 2016

Dec 25,

How funny – be careful what you eat!

Little thing I did this morning – I went up the mountain to breathe some fresh air on this special day. Of course, I took a few pictures – and as I was working on it later on – Bingo a big red Chinese moon in the background.

Did not know what else to do with it, didn’t want to do anything else on it – so here it goes – last evening’s Christmas meal influence on an otherwise perfectly clear alpine landscape. I’ll have to think about it. Art and the subconscious mind work in strange ways sometimes.